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Aimsfly is providing hands-on training for a few industries, especially in the education sector to individuals who are keen to become teachers for kindergartens and preschools. We offer job opportunities for our graduates and we are special or different from the others in the following areas: –

Continual Learning

We believe that the Diploma in childhood education is only the basic foundational knowledge to introduce teachers-to-be to know what they are supposed to do and how to do it. We provide continual on-the-job training, counselling and coaching for new teachers by our experienced teachers.


Every teacher has to remain humble and with good attitude, knowing that there is no end to learning and improvement.

Building Education

There are two types of education; the blessing education and the building education. The blessing education is the touch-n-go philosophy where the teachers are only concern with the transfer of knowledge and receiving their salaries. They emphasize on head knowledge; it is from the head to the head. It is the typical left-brain professionals’ syndrome. The teaching career is strictly teaching and that’s it.


True education should go beyond, to nurture and build an individual. It is touching the heart rather than the head only. It comes from the motherly and fatherly nature of the teachers who look at the children as if they are their own kids.


Children are very sensitive and they can read/sense the hearts of their teachers and it is our passion to raise up healthy positive kids.

Excellent Culture

The best learning atmosphere for an individual is the excellence state: Happy, Relax and Positive. We create a highly energetic atmosphere in order to achieve accelerated learning and optimal performance for everyone in the academy. The underlying spirit behind all our activities is that of building up and propelling the students towards achieving excellence.


The success of a teacher is to see the students smiling with a deep sense of belonging and satisfaction. The good teacher is someone who is able to impart energy into the tender hearts!