The Enrichment Center



Aimsfly is conducting various courses that is in demand at the marketplace, to improve the quality of life. It is specially designed for individuals to achieve excellence in the area of their interest.

Parenting Skills

  1. The role of parents.
  2. The best gift from parents.
  3. The balancing act.
  4. The art of effective parenting skills.
  5. Meeting the needs to be an achiever.
  6. Tips to nurture successful kids.
  7. How to be ahead of others?
  8. The steps to character development.
  9. The father’s teaching.
  10. The mother’s teaching.

Nutrition for Healthy Living

  1. Natural food remedies that really work
  2. Things to know about good nutrition
  3. The power of diet for employee wellness
  4. Foods you should be eating for your peak performance in life
  5. Best brain foods: memory, concentration and brain health

Achieve Outstanding Performances

We emphasize on the application of Power Brain principles to achieve outstanding performances with lesser efforts. We add value by coaching our students to use HSP to retrieve information from the universe. Most kids do not know how to apply their brain power for various benefits in their practical living. Students are able to play music will greater accuracy as their sense of touch and sounds has been maximized. They will enjoy what they learn and those who are listening will enjoy seeing the kids perform with higher fidelity to what is originally intended in all the art works.


Leadership skills, speech, dances, arts, swimming, martial arts, artificial intelligence, music classes, piano, violin and sports are going to reach greater heights when our students intuitively and creatively excel all the way to the top. We will continually outsource experts to collaborate with us to teach the students in relation to the use of Power Brain.