Smart International School



Aimsfly’s group of educationist aspires to nurture a holistic future generation who are groomed with the 4 main pillars as their foundation: Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual.

Smart International School Introduction

The education institution comprises of a comprehensive blend of Malaysian National Curriculum, and International Syllabus of IGCSE / Pearson Edexcel with an Advanced Accredited STEAM is bridging students towards the 5th Industrial through Aims International School.


We prepare our students for the job of the future through graduate expose to the needs of the future with STEAM, Scratch Junior, Scratch, Arduino Programing. Drone Piloting with Artificial Intelligence assisted learning to enhance performance and engagement

Advantages and Values

Our student has an advantage as the core subjects are taught in English Unlike many international school students will need to take BM as tuition or with less proficient in the language, we offer our national syllabus with unparalleled standards. We encourage our students to be multilingual with our hybrid Mandarin program that follows the Malaysian syllabus and Hanyu Shui ping Kaoshi (HSK) which enables students to enter universities in China and Germany; the pathway to free university in the EU and Arabic; having access to the Middle East.


We provide holistic education with life skills and humanistic values. We are passionate to raise achievers who are not only smart but having good characters. Students will not only learn the benefits in theory rather all the practical based classes with volunteering in causes. Our students will be independent as they will learn the basic of house chores such as cooking, ironing clothes, getting help, taking public transportation as well as hydroponics and many more

Awaken Hidden Potential

The student will be exposed to healthy living such as balance food and diet like lots of outdoor activities and sports like swimming, badminton, football, ballet, yoga, gymnastics, acting & singing, the Little Picasso.


We are passionate to awaken their hidden potential with our signature program – Power Brain Training. We are confident to raise up a new generation of people who are loving, intelligent, wise, and highly inspirational with a pleasant personality.