Media Education



Aimsfly Media Education consists of three categories, namely (1) the starter, (2) the main course and (3) the dessert!


These are short modules with maximum information for readers and viewers to improve their general knowledge about any subject of interest to them. There may be hundreds or even thousands of such modules, ranging from all aspects of life, from the virus to the milky way. Our intention is to educate the general public with interesting facts and learners will be rewarded instantly when they press the correct answers after attending the courses.


We will hire experts who are able to provide precise and up-to-date practical lessons about enhancing excellent living skills. Topics such as marriage, parenting, how to nurture excellent character are just some of the subjects to educate anyone who find them to be useful to upgrade the quality of their lives.


It is our desire to provide affordable teaching materials to anyone who is keen to learn. The only thing required is a heart to learn!


Our slogan: “Now Everyone Can Teach!” is an attempt to equip trainers and coaches to populate the marketplace so that everyone has a chance to be educated to achieve excellence.


Our courses come with a beautiful certificate from Aimsfly Academy and it is the first step towards becoming a professional certified trainers/teacher if anyone desires to make extra income by coaching and training others.


Aimsfly’s group of educationists is passionate to raise up as many teachers as possible and we want to empower everyone with professional certifications to ensure trust and quality materials to be taught by individuals in their own way.