HRDF Entrepreneur Training



Most parents are looking for an after-school care centre that is like a home rather than a tuition centre and that is what we are establishing. To achieve the homely atmosphere, we go a step further to ensure the emotional needs are met. This is only possible when we have a motherly and fatherly spirit among the teachers who are caring for them.

Introduction to HRDF Entrepreneur

We have a dynamic blueprint to develop a powerful inner being that is proven to excel and rules at the marketplace. The foundational truth needed to construct a highly energetic life has been carefully unlocked. Anyone who applies the principles diligently are sure to win the game and receives the crown of championship.


The pathway to success in never by accident but through unending efforts to build the muscles towards excellence. Only the winners know the secret of true leadership and we give you the keys to unearth them yourself.

Unleashing Full Potential

We provide training and coaching for executives to launch forth and go beyond themselves towards achieving excellence. A complete and holistic approach to managing the spirit, soul and body. From square-type or round-type to a balance of both while executing their duties. For follower-mindset to leader-mindset and finally to creator-mindset.


Through our training, we are confident that our executives are able to move up the ladder of success from 1-star to 2-stars to 5-stars and 6-stars performance. From self-limitation toward borderless mindset. Our challenge is to see everyone be in the excellent state and unleashing the full potential.